Conference Facilities (CF), has been providing meeting communications systems and services in Bucharest, Romania for over seven years. As Romania's premier services provider of state-of-the-art conference technology, CF offers a unique blend of quality, professionalism and rental services. 

CF is the most experienced provider of simultaneous interpretation equipment and services in Bucharest and is recognized in Romania for its sophisticated technology, excellent customer service, and impressive client list. 

Our simultaneous interpretation, conference microphone, and electronic voting systems and services have contributed to the success of countless events. Our unique strength lies in the quality of our equipment paired with a dedicated coordination and technical staff that have a combined 7+ years in the industry. 

Simultaneous interpretation, which is the recommended method for the majority of multilingual conferences and meetings, requires the interpreter to listen to the proceedings in one language and speak it in another, all the while listening for the next phrase in order to repeat the process. Tremendous concentration is required, which is why conference interpreters work in teams in order to be able to switch every 20 or 30 minutes. 

CF provides only the most highly-skilled and experienced professional conference interpreters. Our interpreter coordinators possess a thorough knowledge of the professional interpreter community, having worked with the best interpreters in the profession over the course of many years.

CF is known in Bucharest, Romania for excellence in conference technology services. 

To discuss your interpretation requirements with a CF professional, please send us a request at our email address or click here for quotation.